Gersten Koplin Enterprises

Business Strategy
GKE’s key business strategy is to develop and patent core technologies that have wide applications.  Because GKE’s homebase is “medical imaging” the technology applications are often envisioned to fill a need in the ophthalmology field. However these technologies have much wider potential and could benefit any industry that uses digitally encoded data.

Our Products Do More and Cost Less to Manufacture
GKE excels at creating solutions to what were once considered “unsolvable” problems.  Our approach is equally committed to coming up with robust product designs that are cost effective to manufacture.

GKE: Partnership with Manufacturers
GKE itself has no interest in becoming a manufacturer or direct marketer.  Rather it finds its strength in partnering with established companies seeking specific technology solutions.  Uniquely, however, GKE also provides sales and marketing assistance directly to its clients by providing world-class consultants on-call for academic meetings and lectures. 

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